Games TVadverts Ephinx

Diet Irn Bru - Diving Lothario advert
Volkswagen Golf GTi - Singing In The Rain advert
Hula Hoops - Doctor advert
Honda - Yume no Chikara advert
Nobbys Nuts - Not Nobby! advert
Total Futsal - Brazilian advert
Pringles - Light Sabre advert
Recycle Now - Compost advert
Smirnoff Ice - Uri's Favourite Bar advert
Walls Meringue Ice Cream - Wedding advert
Twix - Tandem advert
Twix - Car Bail advert
Pot Noodle Horn advert
Maltesers - Hoovering The Car advert
Honda FR-V - Dots advert
Chicago Town Pizza - Humdrum Couch Potato advert
Audi A6 - Vorsprung Durch Technik advert
Twix - Lions Head advert
Heinz - Mexican Mean Beanz advert
Apple iPod and iTunes - Rollerskating advert
Snickers Game On - Frisby advert
Stella Artois - Ice Skating Priests advert
City and Guilds - The Real You advert
Irn Bru - Airport Phenomenon advert
Honda - Crazy Sensible advert
McCoys Specials - Remote Control advert
Aero - Bubbles Mosaic advert
Tango Clear - Metaphor advert
KFC Zinger Crunch Salad - Call Centre advert
Sure For Men - Stunt City advert
Levis 501s - A Midsummer Nights Dream advert
Oral B Brush-Aways - Tube Dance advert
Zoo Weekly - Surprise - Kelly Brook Uncovered advert
Fanta Z - Goodbye Fanta Light advert
Grolsch Lager - Death in the Bedroom advert
Lynx Snake Peel Exfoliating Scrub - The Chase advert
Volvic Bottled Water - Pole Dance advert
McCoys Specials - Laundry Shock advert
Skoda Octavia - Agile gymnast advert
Honda Accord - The cog advert
Carlsberg Export - Fluffy Toys advert
Fanta - Everythings Fantastic advert
Fosters - Superchilled - Naked Ice Skating advert
Lynx dry - Fishing mermaids advert
Pepsi - Medieval football - David Beckham advert
Peugeot 206 SW - African Bus advert
Privilege Car Insurance - Cafe advert
Smirnoff Ice - Not the Usual - Russian Doll advert
Tango Apple - Drop from the Ceiling into a bath advert
Yop - Mornings Drinkable Yoghurt advert
Peugeot 206 - Sculptor advert
Nike - Musical Chairs advert
Lynx Touch - Waiting room advert
Jamster Ringtones - Crazy Frog advert
Ford Mondeo - Tom and Jerry advert
Ebookers - Greatest show on earth advert
Gap - Cord Jeans - Missy Elliot and Madonna advert
Diet Coke - Shop Window Dressers advert
Diet Coke Tortoise - For those who love life advert
Lynx Unlimited - Oriental Lovers Martial Arts advert
Nokia 7260, 7270, 7280 - Distinctly Bold advert
Pepsi Max - Taxi Monkey advert
Recycle - Only 6 Weeks advert - Weak at the knees advert - Inseparable advert
Pimms - Prison holiday camp advert
3G Network - We like music - Music parodies advert
3G Network - Naughty treats and dirty music police advert
Make Poverty History - Every 3 Seconds advert
Jean Paul Gaultier - To the power of two advert
Knorr - Sausages tonight - Panda advert
Smirnoff Ice - Not the Usual - Art Gallery advert
iPod Nano - Impossibly Small advert
Skittles - Taste the Rainbow - Scary Grandma Rap advert
Reebok - I Am what I Am - Jay Z advert
Reebok - I Am what I Am - 50 Cent advert
Levis 501s with Anti-Fit - Ice Cream Truck advert
Ipod Shuffle - Flying Arrows advert
Häagen Dazs - Creamy - The longer lasting pleasure advert
Nintendo DS - Touch Me advert
Felix - As Good As it Looks advert
Peugeot 1007 - Animated Help advert
Pepsi Max - Steam roller jump advert
Independent - Saturday Edition - My Life as a Dog advert
Marmite - Giant Blob cartoon advert
MSN Search - Silhouettes UK advert
Maltesers - The lighter way to enjoy rain advert
Marmite - The Date advert
Herbal Essences - Rainforest Flowers - Loin Cloth advert
Intel Centrino - Blue Man Group - Balloon advert
Halifax Banking - My First My Last My Extra Thing advert
Walls Sausages - Dog fight advert
American Airlines - Quality Food advert
Birds Eye - Frozen Pea Car advert
Calvin Klein - Euphoria Fragrance advert
Children in Need - Dance Breaking Contest advert
Dove Deodorant - Quarter Moisturising Cream advert
Fed Ex - Internaional Express Delivery Service advert
Fed Ex - Overnight Express Service - USA advert
Guinness - The Rhythm of Time - Evolution advert
Ikea - Live your life, Love your home advert
Intel - Lap Top Experience advert
MotoROKR Mobile - With iTunes advert
Orbit Professional - You cant help but smile advert
Paramol - Take control of Pain advert
Sony Ericsson - Walkman Phones advert
Toyota - Verso - 7 Seat advert
Yoplait - Petits Filous - Little children Kiss advert
Apple iPod - Eminem advert
Bacardi Rum - Train Platform advert
Bacardi Breezer - Devils Reunite advert
Baileys - Basket ball accident advert
Baileys - Ice Bucket Drink advert
Citroën C3 - Happy Days advert
Cravendale - A hint of strawberry - The Hinted advert
EA Sports - Fifa 06 - Brazil vs Manchester United advert
Discovery Home and Health - Sex Change advert
HP Printing - PhotoSmart 475 - Snap Happy advert
IBM - On Demand Business - Help Desk advert
Innocent Smoothies - Your daily fruit and No! Chickens advert
kronenbourg 1664 Overture - A bad year for composing advert
Levis 501 Jeans - Anti-Fit - Ice cream van roof advert
Lynx Deodorant - Kitchen Trail advert
M and Ms - Peanut - Cinema advert
M and Ms - Chocolate Covered Crunchy Peanuts advert - Cant take your eyes off each other advert
Nicorette - Fresh Mint Gum - Blizzard advert
Orange 3G Peasy - Elton John advert
Orange - Harmonious Dance advert
Orange - Street Cleaner - Renato advert
Pro Evolution Soccer - Thierry Henry and John Terry advert
Renault Clio - England vs France advert
Smirnoff - Triple Distilled - Triple Take - Ring advert
Stella Artois - Le Sacrifice advert
The Observer - Franz Ferdinand CD advert
Twinings - Everyday Tea - Stephen Fry advert
PG Tips - Wallace and Gromit advert
Recycle - Glass Bottles advert
Lynx - Hat Stand advert
Orange - Jacuzzi On Wheels advert
Orange - New York Blackout advert
Orange - Patrick Swayze advert
Orange - Roy Schneider advert
Orange - Schmoozing with the Wiseman advert
Orange - Sean Astin advert
Orange - Verne Troyer - Mini Me advert
Orange - Wrinkly Ninja advert
Smirnoff - Diamond advert
Smirnoff Ice - Uncle Oleg advert
Smirnoff Ice - Fetch Reluctant Husky advert
Vauxhall - Legend of Zorro advert
Vodafone - Mayfly advert
Egg Credit Card - Guinea Pig Testing advert
Bacardi - Fun Before Fashion advert
Honda Diesel - Hate something Change something advert
HSBC - Your Point of View - Oriental Woman advert
Im a celebrity - Bugs advert
Jamie Oliver - Flavour Shaker advert
Lynx - Mens Sweat advert
Microsoft - Monster Movie advert
Philly Splendips - Bad Halo Day advert
Pimms - Sauna advert
PlayStation2 - Fire It Up advert
Smirnoff - Heroic Portrait advert
Sony Bravia - Coloured Balls San Francisco advert
T K Maxx - Family Dance advert
T K Maxx - Rooftop Dance advert
The Sims 2 - Played by Adverts advert
The Sims 2 - The Lothario advert
The Sims - Surfer dude advert
The Observer - Abba to Zappa advert
Alberto V05 - Wild Office Escape advert
Apple iPod Video - Watch your music advert
Baileys - Party on the 18th advert
Famous Grouse - On Ice (Skateing) advert
Famous Grouse - Red Carpet advert
Guinness - Familiar Names advert
Guinness - Fascinating Stuff advert
Guinness - Moths night party advert
Guinness - Mustang advert
Guinness - The Craic advert
Guinness - Trademark Shuffle advert
Guinness Extra Cold - Eskimo Dance advert
Guinness Extra Cold - Fish on a Bicycle advert
Guinness Extra Cold - Snail Race advert
Guinness Extra Cold - Surfers Retreat advert
Gun the game - No Law No Crime advert
Heinz Baked Beanz - Love (Superbean) advert
Jameson Whiskey - Drummer advert
Jameson Whiskey - Harpist advert
SJP Lovely - Sarah Jessica Parker advert
The Link - Gay sales people advert
Malibu - Melon Stall - that melon is for display purposes only advert
Malibu - Mobile Phone Signal advert
Malibu - Charging Mobile advert
Malibu - Caribbean Mobile Phones advert
Famous Grouse - Kisses loved by everyone advert
Pringles - King Kong advert
T-Mobile - Google advert
Tetley Tea - Redbush Vanilla Tea - Elephant advert
Smirnoff Ice - Goal Hanger advert
Reebok - The pump advert
PSP - Sony Playstation Portable - Sculpture advert
PSP - Sony Playstation Portable - Fighting Shapes advert
Nintendo DS - Racing Effects advert
Motorola - Pebl advert
Microsoft X-Box - Jump in - Monster advert
Microsoft X-Box - Competition advert
Celebrations - Someone To Love advert
Mario Smash Football - Beautiful Game advert
Lacoste Touch Of Pink - Kite advert
Lacoste - Naked Bum advert
Kodak - Missing Computer advert
Kodak - Cheese Or Action advert
Jennifer Lopez Live - advert
H and M - Casino advert
Garmin GPS - Freedom advert
DKNY - Apple Stand advert
CK One - Youth In A Bottle advert
Baileys - Rude Wake Up advert
Cobra Beer - Chalk Figure - Non Alcoholic Beer advert
Honda - Convertible advert
Armani - Black Code - Couple advert
Chanel No5 - Spray advert
Honda - Motorbike advert
Energizer Lithium Batteries - Mini Bog-Nav advert
Honda - Dune Buggy advert
Stella - Flower advert
3G Hutchinson - Drama advert
Smirnoff Vodka - Sword Secrets of purity advert
Baileys - Low Key Christmas advert
Polo Black - Handome Fellow advert
EA Sports - You Play They Obey FIFA 06 advert
Smirnoff Vokda - Filtered Ten Times advert
LANCOME Hypnose - Hypnotising advert
Tommy Hilfiger True Star - Enrique Iglesias advert
J2O - Best Flight Ever advert
AXA insurance - Cobra snake trance advert
Kenwood Frothie - Everythings Frothy advert
Microsoft X-Box - London Street Race advert
D and G - Watch Handover advert
H and M - Corridor Catwalk Showdown advert
Canon - Students advert
Audi RS4 Quattro - Spider advert
USA - Films - visit the set advert
Honda - The Impossible Dream advert
Chanel No5 - The Film nicole kidman advert
AOL - Internet good or bad discuss advert
VW Guardian Angel advert
Sheilas Wheels - Show StandUp advert
Kia Rio Diesel - Masked Axe Man advert
Nokia - N Series Multi-Media advert
Kelloggs Coco Pops - Milk Straws advert
Ireland - Your Very Own advert
Mint - Exercise Equipment advert
Sainsburys - Rabbit Food advert
Capital One - Identity Theft - Chameleon advert
Petits Filous - Journey advert
Air Canada - Fly advert
Waitrose - Balance advert
Jamaica - Water Scenes advert
Australia Tourist Board - New Years Offers advert
Ireland - McDonald Clan advert
Nambarrie Tea - Plumber advert
Boots - New years resolutions advert
Peugeot 206 - Loved The World Over advert
Landrover - Eskimo advert
Israel - Think Israel advert
Jamaica - One Love advert
Orange - Pouring Paint advert
Anti Crime - Car Tour advert
Horlicks - Flat pack Factory advert
Diet Coke - Tortoises New Year advert
Alberto V05 - Kiss the scientist advert
Top Sante - Martine McCutcheon advert
Chrysler - Red Light advert
Egg - Guinea Pigs Hiding Things advert
Honda - Choir advert
Lion Eggs - Keeping up with the joneses advert
Lion Eggs - Murder Mystery advert
Lion Eggs - Queuing advert
Mazda - Golf club advert
Mini Pringles - Lady Birds advert
Suzuki - Wonderful World advert
Tic Tac - Missed bus advert
Turkey - Brochure Daydream advert
Landrover Eskimo Ride advert
Anchor Spreadable - Falling Branch advert
Maxim - Snog advert
Milk - Teenage Attributes advert
Muller Vitality - Orange Ball advert
Orange - Beautiful Minutes advert
Rimmel - Sexy Lashes advert
Road Safety - Check for Motorbikes advert
Skoda Octavia - Train advert
Whiskas - Fred advert
118 118 - A Team advert
Apple iPod and iTunes - Jazz advert
Britney Spears Fantasy - Magic Love Arrow advert
Budweiser - Budweiser Academy advert
Cadbury Creme Eggs - My Way advert
Diet Irn Bru - Raul Dances advert
Dior Jadore - Strip advert
EA Games - Black Wanton Destruction advert
French Connection - Fashion Vs Style advert
Guinness - Fridge Man advert
Intel - Now In Apples advert
Lynx - Click Ben Affleck advert
Marks and Spencer - Come Up And See Me advert
Mattessons Chicken Bites - Bus Queue advert
Nike - BBW Dances advert
Nike Woman - Dancers advert
Pepsi Max Cino - Anything Goes advert
Pilkington Glass - Self Cleaning Car advert
Pilkington Glass - Self Ironing Suit advert
Red Bull - Flugtag advert
Toyota Rav4 - Container Ship advert
Triple Velvet Toilet Tissue - Baby Boss advert
VW Jetta - Price Changes advert
Waitrose - Perfectly Balance advert

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